Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nycosia: 'Pariah' - EP Review

Nycosia released their debut EP, 'Pariah' on February 25th and it's a strong start. 'Miscommunication' has already gone on to single status. Exciting stuff for Hereford (UK)'s new Djent act. This five song EP has a decent amount of variation ranging from Veil of Maya -esque sounds to something a bit more Asking Alexandria and the opening track 'Desert Winds' scarily reminds me of Disturbed's 'Meaning of Life'.

Rooted in metal 'Pariah' gets off to a good start, 'Desert Winds' opens up like a sea of fire and 'Blind Sight', though a step down from 'Desert Winds' is a powerfully exciting piece of metal. Good for the EP, they save some of the best till last as 'Miscommunication' is the real show stealer here. There's a real atmosphere to this song and it's no wonder they chose it as their new Single. We're treated to a real power with this song but there's a good sense of variety to it which is also present throughout this EP. Their last track 'Asylum Song' offers a melodic finish to the five track EP. With the other songs resembling something a bit more straight up in Metal styles, 'Asylum Song' is a bit of a departure. Far from a criticism this simply shows a variation to their style which keeps the EP fresh, but also a bit of a turn from 'Miscommunication', which is far harder.

Overall a good effort, and with a well deserved place within a metal collection, particularly for those fans of newer waves of metal. 'Pariah' is a good effort from the band and it throws up enough variation to be interesting but the best gems are 'Desert Winds' and 'Miscommunication' with a possibility of 'Asylum Song' catching a third gem for a fan or two. The best thing to see from this EP, however, is where they'll go next. 

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