Saturday, 5 March 2016

Hands Like Houses - 'Dissonants' Album Review

Hands Like Houses released their smacker of a new album just over a week ago and it's really lived up to the hype! 'Dissonants' has loads to offer with sonic highs, soaring vocals and well blended songs. Have a read...

Opening track 'I Am' is a beautifully ferocious track much like the majority of the album. The blend of melodic vocals and sonic riffs and beats make for a hugely atmospheric song. The video packs the passion too!

'Colourblind' is the other single track that does a fantastic job at blurring the lines in post-hardcore. Often the genre can feel very forced and bands can chop and changes too much making for a disjointed song. This is not the case here where this song is concerned. This anthem wowed me much like Fightstars 'Animal' did on it's release raising the bar for modern rock music.

Highlights of the album include 'New Romantics' for the sonic drive it provides musically and its banger of a chorus, a lot like Papa Roach's new material it incorporates many aspects that launch it's listening quality into the stratosphere. 'Stillwater' and 'Momentary' are massive testaments to the incredible vocals of Trenton Woodley and his voice helps to bring both songs to life. 'Grey Havens' is also a hidden gem that rushes in with maximum velocity and brings a little bit of that raw guitar sound that isn't often present on the rest of the album.

Overall a very upbeat feel to the album with a very refined sound feeling prominent throughout. Hands Like Houses feel like they have stepped into their comfort zone with this album really finding their feet with their music. They are definitely in a position where they know what brings out the best in their music.

FFO: Fightstar, Young Guns, Mallory Knox

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