Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Fall of Minerva: 'Portraits' - Album Review

I must admit I am not all that familiar with Post-Hardcore. I'm aware of some of the bands and biggest on my list of Post-Hardcore is probably Fall of Efrafa. In some ways it feels like 'Art-Music', at least when it's done right. I mean that in a way that performance art can be so abstractly into something deep that it exists on a level different to performance. In a similar way Post-Hardcore can connect with you on a level deeper than you'd think. It's so emotional and so powerful that you need to really listen to appreciate it. It's not necessarily something you'd put on in the background despite a deep level of appreciation can be taken from it.

Fall of Minerva has these qualities. Their music is emotional and deep. They are a band that would sound almost too powerful in live performance. When all your very sense get swept up in their music and at home, I'd advise listening to an album all the way through. Their music connects and flows and resonates. It gets more and more and deeper and deeper. What you can instantly feel in the first few songs on 'Portraits' is that the vocals are so deep into the emotions he might be in a trance. I find extreme metal vocals can be very emotional and very powerful but it's not quite the same level of emotional as it is here. It denies living to be all about the emotion, I'd be surprised if the vocalist knows where he is anymore. However, is this good? It certainly isn't for everyone. Sometimes it can go deeper than you'd want it to. The instruments keep up with this vocal style for something that works on this level but again may be further than one might like. None have the atmosphere so much as songs such as 'Green Ghost', 'Caronte' and 'Siguardi Nel Buio' and the ending of 'Grave of the Fireflies', for these reasons, is simply beyond.

This is a band that could not be for everyone. This limited is also it's advantage. As albums go this is a very good and powerful work that will probably hit one person in the room so well that you'd want to know what has hit him. It's quite a complex album both to review, recommend and to like. But I have to hand it to them, they've done very well with the niche that they've got.

'Portraits' was released on Friday 25th March 2016 

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