Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Cleanse the Hive: 'From the Depths' - EP Review

A pound and a roar and something quite strong enters the fray with the new 'EP' by Scottish metallers Cleanse the Hive. The first few seconds of the first track 'Eviscerate' make this very apparent. In recent years I have found that a bands name almost instantly set them up as what they are, though I never like to go by this and I can always be surprised. Cleanse the Hive can easily be seen amongst bands like Whitechapel, Suicide Silence or Born of Osiris and their music isn't far from it at all. Vocalist Callum Hutchinson offers a good variety in his approach and there are refreshing throwbacks to other styles of metal that keep it strong and powerful. 'Cities of Gold' can give some more powerful pig squeals into the mix whilst the final track 'Terror Rising' offers a bit more groove by the band. The title track 'From the Depths' is aptly a strong melodic death metal hard hitter that may work it's way as being the show-stealer. However, my own personal favourite, if only for the drum beats that can always lend itself so easily to me, is 'The Reign of Tyrants'. All in all this is a very impressive 'EP' by the band and proves that they're ready for much more. The 'EP' keeps a good steady amount of variation whilst keeping thematically together, exciting and powerful. This will work well in the background of most metalheads residence and especially if they like to keep things with at least a touch of brutal. This 'EP' shows its official release on April 17th and it's worth keeping an eye out for it.

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