Saturday, 12 March 2016

Blood Youth: 'Closure' EP Review

In the mere one year since their inception, it’s been nothing but a barrage of accomplishments for Blood Youth. Most notably supporting bands such as Architects and Beartooth as well as appearances at Download and Hevy Fest. This was all made possible by an exceptional debut EP in 2015’s ‘Inside My Head’. Emotive vocals and big weighty riffs bought Blood Youth to the table as one of the most exciting prospects in Britain.

With ‘Closure’ the four piece have returned to deliver their second EP within a year, which if nothing else shows that Blood Youth are a band that keep their foot firmly pressed on the gas pedal. While this latest effort doesn’t quite reach the heights of previous effort ‘Inside My Head’ there is still enough here for interest in the band to continue.

Title track ‘Closure’ is by far and away the highlight of the EP and is bought together by well managed and well-paced riffs and is topped off by a surprisingly subtle yet excellent breakdown section, which takes Blood Youth’s sound and makes it more than fitting for big stages, big crowds and big singalongs.

‘24/7’ is filled with all the potential to be a staple for the band in a strictly musical sense, with its grimed, speedy sound; but never really progresses enough either lyrically or vocally to make it a real success. Kaya Tarsus possesses an authentic, recognisable and particularly like-able vocal ability, but this doesn’t really stand out here and the lyrics seem somewhat underworked.

The EP is also composed of tracks ‘Breathe’ and ‘Mood Swing’ with the former being somewhat interesting, but little more than an intro track. The latter however delivers the kind of hooks that we can expect to hear much more of in the future from Blood Youth, the chorus is catchy and the breakdown nothing short of pulsating.

In reality, 12 months is a long time. Musically? It’s simply a drop in the ocean, and while ‘Closure’ may not be the all-consuming beast the band were hoping for; Blood Youth seem like the type of band capable of a tidal wave.

FFO: Beartooth, Architects, RIFFFFS

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