Saturday, 12 March 2016

Apherium - 'Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here' EP Review

Vocal techniques have almost always been limited to one singer and their backing vocalists. Though, as bands such as Press To Meco have proven, there is room in rock music to drop three-way harmonies and make them sound melodic and beautifully toned. Apherium, a four piece rock band from Yeovil, are plugging from a similar vein mixing a catchy poppy/experimental/ alt rock sound with instant chops and changes in vocal and instrumental style that make for a very interesting soundscape.

Tight harmonies throughout the EP. Sprinkle in some screams in amongst the prettiness and it definitely makes for an experimental sound that is fresh and new. 'Resolve' holds a punky undertone but mixes it with soaring vocals chops in between chorus' and other catchy moments throughout. 'Ever Present' demonstrates a whole other skill set and pours emotive beauty out of every seem. A true anthem that marks the end of the EP.

Single "Embrace" erupts momentarily and breathe passion. Technicality and harmonies are present throughout though it holds that single quality with a tight chorus that sticks in your head.

Apherium are out to impress and that they do. In terms of the EP my only criticism is I wanted more but I can wait. Whether you are into it or not you have to show respect to a band doing things a bit different. I'm more than sure you will be hearing of them soon so just do yourself a favour and do so now.

FFO: Press To Meco, Mallory Knox and umm well Apherium?

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