Thursday, 4 February 2016

Years Young: 'Hireath' EP Review

Years Young fly the flag for alternative rock. They're a band that search for bliss in the darkest of days, constructing songs that are atmospheric and tuned to an almighty level. And with their debut EP Hireath, they've compiled a collection that becomes memorable after just a few listens. It's a broad record too, diverse and lyrically engaging.

The North Lincolnshire based band have expertly crafted their product of justice, their little note to the world, bonding beautiful guitar strokes with uplifting vocals and powerful bashfulness. This direction works well, and with the band honing their skills with every pulsating strike, we as listeners have the chance to fall deeply into the melody.

It's stark and brilliant to see a band grow so well with their first release. Hireath marks a great beginning, a breakout from the norm, a solid piece of music that justifiable works and joyously pushes at the heart. And there's an underlining of sadness present, it's not all built by the nice part of rose, there's thorns too.

And with that sadness and those broken-hearted pleas, comes a great diversity. Happiness isn't always a mainstay either. When emotion collides, it fabricates everything. This type of music has all the components to deliver a listening experience that shows different sides, and that's rare in music these days.

Miracles starts Hireath off. There's a little, calming stroke of guitar, until the subtleness breaks and lets in the empowering vocals in. Lead singer Luke Colclough sings with confidence and intent, pushing his lyrical prowess to the forefront too, describing obstacles. Paper Mountains begins easily. Then the guitar sound purposefully enters the equation. It's a brilliant sound to embrace the ears with, it powers on and develops. Sleeping Easy hits at the fantastical skin of truth. Colclough conveys his grievances and his insomniac tendencies, describing through his poetry that he's profoundly hurt.

Years Young charge on with Hireath. It's a record that contains so much, an EP that develops and conveys through its lyrical content, a need for escape. It's truly a triumph.

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