Friday, 19 February 2016

Tim Muddiman & The Strange: 'Your Drugs' Single Review

This is the third single release from Tim Muddiman & The Strange and it definitely shows a maturity in songwriting and in terms of professionalism. Considering the bands inception only a year ago they have been moving at a rate of knots in terms of releasing material...

 Tim has this to say about the track and it explains it better than we ever could:
"The song and video are written in third person... speaking to a human spirit, a spirit of addiction to heightened senses, visuals, music, love, money, thrill, superiority and divine freedom"
The song really highlights some lyrical understanding and showcases fantastic ability in songwriting. With a grunge-like vibe that could be mistaken as droney at times though I think the listeners must hear beyond this and listen deeper.

The track is catchy and is bound to get stuck in your head. If you are looking to get back a bit of that 90's grunge vibe then get on this!

Plans for a second album are already underway so look out for that. You can grab the single via this LINK (iTunes) with track 'Hands and Claws' included too!

Facebook: /timmuddimanband
Twitter: @timmuddiman

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