Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Jezabels: 'Synthia' Album Review

With the long, dark days of the winter still upon us, The Jezabels bring to you a touch of light and warmth with their third, and upcoming album 'Synthia'. The album is a fusion of electro, rock and indie. With every song flowing into the other, the record itself is put together perfectly to convey a raw and real journey. How can one project both a synthetic and natural sound at the same time? Listen to ‘’Synthia’’ and you’ll find out.

The first track ’Stand and Deliver’ is 7 minutes long, and I promise it will be worth your time. It will leave you wanting to savour every word sung by the talented Hayley Mary on lead vocals. This track in particular features a magical build-up of softly pumping drums mimicking a sweet heartbeat slowly getting more and more intense. Eventually the beat intertwines with muffled synth notes until finally a whisper of words erupts from the waterfall of sound. It’s no wonder this band has been highlighted for its female talent.  The intro leads us into a couple of lines of spoken word whispered by Hayley Mary "… It was you and me daddy on the island. And you’re too busy for me now. I wish we could take a holiday…" which reminds me slightly of the poetry featured on Patti Smiths 'Horses' album. The true climax of the song catches us when we least expect it, as the word turns into her pleading, singing "let’s go back to the island". There is true power within the pleading tone of her voice along with the music accompanying it.

The rest of the album is a journey through synth notes, beautiful lyrics and more whispered singing. This record seemed to put me in a trance, with its echoing electronic beats. The last track is a great closure to this adventure.  It’s slow and dreamlike vibe will most definitely leave the listener feeling relaxed and calm as a result of the general mood of the music, sometimes sounding like the soft breeze you would find by the sea, by the island.  

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