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SayWeCanFly: Live Review // with Syren City and Critics at Bristol Exchange - 04/02/16

February 4th and here we stand in an impressively long line of hopefuls waiting to see Canadian heart-throb Braden Barrie who takes the stage name of SayWeCanFly. In support we have up and coming talent Critics and local rockers Syren City. Check. It. Out...

Opening the night are Syren City. The band have been on my radar a while as they have a good reach in terms of local shows spread across the Midlands and South Wales. With three of five members present on stage they make it clear that they don't do acoustic sets often, and whole heartedly admit that it's a new experience for them.

After two songs Syren City ease straight into the set. The highlight of their performance is their cover of A Day To Remember's "If It Means A Lot To You". It's just such a beautiful song and they definitely did it justice. Their second cover, albeit a slightly alternate version, of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" is an interesting one as well. With the lyric change in the chorus going from:

"If you like the way you look that much, oh baby you should go and love yourself"... to "If you think that I will like this song, then bieber you can fuck yourself"...

The band bring a melodic and mega fun cover of the song even if the lead vocalist is laughing too much to sing most of it.

On the whole a few things are clear. I'm 99% sure that their full band live set must be full of energy! Despite this being an acoustic performance the band thrive playing some amazing and catchy originals. A top job for something they don't often do.

FFO: Alexisonfire, Billy Talent, Coldrain

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Next to the stage is Critics!

Now it can work in a bands favour when they act as if they are already a well established band. it can also be fairly cringy to watch said band especially when playing in small venues as main support. Critics have me entirely torn on where exactly they sit on this spectrum...

Despite my initial disliking to the overly dramatic antics of the bands frontman I must admit that midway through their set they managed to start winning me over with their infectiously catchy music. They are also massive crowd pleasers and the engaging frontmanship is captivating to watch and commanding throughout.

I don't think a band has ever had me so split on whether I like them or not and you know what that is a massive positive. A polarising band is a good band and if the band use that to their advantage they are sure to be making waves in a short amount of time.

FFO: My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy

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SayWeCanFly has emerged from the pop punk acoustic era as a strong and surviving artist. Many fell by the wayside during the time of the emo trying to follow in My Chems footsteps, but Braden (SWCF) have not been one to fall!

Opening with new hit "Darling", thats being jammed on Radio 1 Rock Show and has featured in many a major publication, the tightly-packed crowd and singing along from start to finish.

An instant observation is the superb talent behind Braden. The backing band are truly fantastic and bounce off Braden and lift his music to a new level. It is even more impressive considering the fact that this is the first full band SayWeCanFly tour!

The most impressive part of the entire set is that Braden is vocally phenomenal. Now I don't just mean he is a good singer.. no no, this dude can SING! He doesn't hit one bad note throughout the whole show and his shifts between raspy highs and soft lows merge beautifully.

Oldies such as "Scars", "The Distance That You Too Away" and "Intoxicated I Love You" are emotional outbursts of Bradens past and all of them incorporate a story and a deeper meaning. The new additions of "High School", "Driftwood Heart" and "When I Come Home" into the set showcase a real step up in a more radio friendly manor. Catchy chorus' with listenable and familiar themes are present throughout.

In short, SayWeCanFly absolutely killed it and props to the incredible band behind Brandon too who were tight as shit! Also shout out to Aaron and Braden for their awesomely cool Kissing Fish!

FFO: Sleeping With Sirens, Never Shout Never, This Wild Life.

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