Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Huron: 'The Dead Stay Dead' - Album Review

The Dead Stay Dead opens very well and you can instantly see why they would be a band to listen to. They're fun and exciting and this hits you very quickly. They have a certain energy that reminds me of Slipknot or Killswitch Engage, hitting you with a punch that puts you straight into a moshpit. This is an energy that they manage to keep throughout the album in part.

Whilst the album starts with some very exciting songs like 'Santa Muerte' and 'Psychosis' and opening with a strong opener that shows a refreshing willingness to experiment in 'The Ark of Deucalion', they struggle to maintain this energy. This isn't to say that their strengths aren't absent from the rest of the songs. Just a few of the later songs fall into mediocrity when the album opened so well. They also don't lend themselves too well to melodic or cleaner elements, which is unfortunate for a band that hit so powerfully. Other songs like 'Despina' show a rare power of getting better towards the last half of the song which makes it an amazing song to listen to. Whilst the pre-chorus riff in 'The Spirit of Hate & Vengeance' is so on point it overshadows the rest of the song. Before the album is done we have some powerful riffs in the opening moments of 'Bokanovsky's Process' and 'Flesh and Thorns' but they, otherwise, still struggle to keep the energy of the beginning songs.

This energy so important to the band is thick throughout their musical arrangement but exemplified by their vast vocal range. This is a strong album and worth listening to but I feel only a few of the songs will make it as songs to listen to regularly. However, they're a powerful band and well worth checking out, they'd fit excitingly well in the background of any metal party.

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