Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Elea Calvet: Artist Review

We checked out some material from Elea a while back and it made sense for us to revisit the artists and see how she has progressed in what must have been a year now, how time flies! Looking at her soundcloud page there is so much on offer! Below are some of our highlights:

'Shadows' has a cool, smooth feel to it with a hopeful vibe. The song effortlessly flows from verse to chorus and vice versa. 'Epiphany' sounds less like an acoustic demo and has a really mature feel to it. With diversity in vocal techniques and harmonies/dual vocals its definitely a stand out song. 'Here Comes The Storm' is a showcase of the Elea we reviewed previously demonstrating her ability to capture the listener with no more than a guitar and her voice. 'Lust' is again a fantastic track with more backing behind it. It has the feel of a more whole song rather than a demo and definitely begins to tease what a well-produced studio track may sound like. Finally 'When The Road Is Done' has a more upbeat and rocky vibe which is fantastic to hear as a welcome break from the otherwise slower material.

If your looking for a more sophisticated Amy Winehouse with tonnes of soul then look no further because Elea is your girl! It is fantastic to see an artist progress this far and have a more mature vibe to her music. Spot on!

Visit this LINK to hear all of the material spoken about in this review.

Facebook: /eleacalvet
Twitter: @eleapc

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