Friday, 1 January 2016

Sophie Coran: 'Tell Me' Single Release

Our ongoing support for Sophie is yet again rewarded with the release of her new video single 'Tell Me'. It is most definitely a significant step up for the singer/songwriter who has bounced from strength to strength since the release of her EP 'Better' back in June of this year.

We loved the song on the EP and love it even more now it has been brought to life in this simple but elegant video with an obvious amount of time and effort put into it.

It is a fantastic step up in terms of professionalism and will surely mark another milestone for Sophie!

The video for 'Tell Me' was released today making it the start of what is surely to be an amazing new year! Go show some support and check it out.

FFO: James Morrison, Kate Nash, Leona Lewis

Facebook: /sophiecomusic
Twitter: @sophiecoran

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