Sunday, 3 January 2016

Monkey Puzzle: 'Suck Macaque' EP Review

Bringing back a little bit of the old school in this nu-metal / rap rock revival is Monkey Puzzle. As a big nu-metal fan this band tick all the boxes. With scratchy/screeching guitar slides some sporadic screams and obviously rap Monkey Puzzle get the mix just right.

It is easy to mess this genre up and delve into corny which the bands name may imply but instead each song takes a very aggressive stance which I love! The bands single 'Boomslang' is a banger that sounds much like Limp Bizkit's 'Gold Cobra'.

There isn't a huge variety in rapping style though with a slight change up in each of the tempo's and beats in each track it mixes it up enough to keep the listener invested. 'Sparklehorse' is also a little slower and does show some variety.

If you wanna get a little aggressive and are a bit bored of the golden oldies then let EP 'Suck Macaque' rekindle your love for nu-metal!

FFO: Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine, Nu-Metal.

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Twitter: @furiousgeorgemp

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