Saturday, 30 January 2016

Massacres: 'Brutus' EP Review

Aggression, high-tempo, ruthlessness. They are all commodities that debut EP’s need to include, especially in the case of hard-core rock/punk. For London’s ‘Massacres’ they bring all this in an abundance with Brutus, which in a sentence; is nothing but a 14 minute slaughterhouse.

Opening track ‘One of the Boys’ pulls no punches, and has vocalist Dave Rogers in beautifully furious form, performing a chorus that is sure to get heads banging and hearts racing, while ‘Death Knell’ includes riffs from guitarist Kris Mayzee which in all honesty, are almost impossible to not fall in love with. Perhaps the biggest compliment that can be paid to the quartet is that: in amongst all the madness, their individual musicianship continuously shines throughout.

It is this “madness” however that Massacres may need to treat with caution in the future. While the EP is certainly a strong introduction for the band, there is little that truly differentiates the songs from each other and if the four-piece were to tackle a full-length release in the same vein the similarities between songs could in-fact prove to be detrimental.

That being said both ‘Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal’ and ‘To The Victor, The Spoils’ are still delivered with enough vigour to make them a particularly interesting listen, with the latter being filled with an edge filled punk sound that hits its mark with compelling accuracy.

Brutus is heavy, unforgiving, uncompromising and a pretty impressive achievement coming from a band that have been together for less than a year. For Massacres, the future is bright…. And heavy.

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