Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Idols Of Apathy: 'Life Lessons' EP Review

Say hello to Idols Of Apathy, a six-piece Tech Metal band that are sure to blow your mind with their newest EP 'Life Lessons'. This highly intense and ruthless band have released a highly intense and ruthless EP. It all fits really.

Despite only being a 5 track EP it is almost 25 minutes in length with long, drawn-out songs that progress through thrashy sections to more technical and intricate guitar moments with bits of ambiance too. The EP does lose me at times, though as I am not a musician I feel this isn't a fair reflection on my part as the band are clearly technically orientated and their song structures are brilliant.

One thing is for sure, if you like a bit of melodic and technical metal then look no further because the brutality in 'Life Lessons' will sustain you!

Facebook: /IdolsOfApathy
Twitter: @idolsofapathy

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