Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Denigrata: 'Missa Defunctorum' - Album Review

I find it bizarre when people refer to Black Metal as something that all sounds the same when in fact it's always had a willingness to experiment. Under the surface there are such diverse bands that really feel like they're creating something entirely new on their own. I could say that Denigrata sound like The Berzerker and Anaal Nathrakh with moments of the most operatic of Extreme Gothic Metal and I would be superficially touching the surface.

The Album 'Missa Defunctorum' has been around for a while now and as a piece of Black Metal it appears very strong. It is evil and scathing, uncompromising in its willingness to be individually itself and its atmospherically chilling. The inclusion of industrial moments and samples may at first feel odd at times but when it works it really works and it's interesting how a song can guide you from blunt force trauma to ice cold to beautifully melodic. The first song 'Aeternam' feels like an opener and it is in the atmosphere that it succeeds and it masterfully introduces a lot of the elements of the bands sound. Further along the song almost sounds like it's breaking. This is quite fitting but it isn't until later songs that we see the full power of the band. The next song 'Kyrie Eleison' just feels a lot more dooming and evil, it's just a tad more powerful. This is contrasted by the atmospheres of 'Dies Irae' and 'Rex Tremendae' who take over the emptiness of the space that the music is meant to occupy. 'Confutatis Maledictis' builds us back to the bands version of more 'traditional' Black Metal and the build into such a hit works well before coming to next track. 'Lacrymosa' again feels quite different and I imagine will be the favourite of those who prefer bands like Drudkh or Winterfylleth. This remarkably doesn't break from the Denigrata style and if anything makes the new elements their own, as I said the experimentation works. 'Agnus Dei' finishes the album with something that feels a lot more like a summary, particularly in the way the last notes stay with you. It's as if the song wants that final punch and scream to keep ringing with you long after the album has finished.

'Missa Defunctorum' just goes to show what Black Metal should be, not something dead and repeated but something fresh and scathing. It's about cold and evil atmospheres captured in new and terrifying ways. This certainly isn't an album for everyone, but a lot of Black Metal is designed that way. Worth listening to as it's definitely something new.

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