Friday, 22 January 2016

Delayed Departure: 'Consequences' EP Review

Delayed Departure rightfully push forward with intent on their new EP Consequences. It strikes the core of hard rock and dazzles beyond expectation, playfully fondling the ears and engineering thoughts of excitement. And there's an abundance of emotion on the record, played out through vocals that are electrifying and instrumentals that enthral.

Emotion is key on Consequences. It's profound and it touches the heart. There's soft moments that sooth and there is times where you may feel like you're floating through the loudness, a loudness that is compelling and heart pumping. And if you're eagerly awaiting for an opus that will stay on one note, then you will need to look elsewhere.

Music seems to be ingrained in these musicians. The passion is there and the direction, a direction that will lead the band to the forefront of exposure. The anthems of disenchantment and decaying love will be their ammunition. They're a band that have it all churning from their minds and they have an ever engrossing future ahead.

Consequences grinds into action properly with Ocean. It begins with an emphatic and infectious guitar lick and riff. The vocals glide through the instrumentals with ease. The song starts proceedings with intent. Synopsis is atmospheric and guitar laden, captivating and highly charged. The chorus has been expertly crafted and it flourishes as the track progresses. 

Delayed Departure are a band that have it all in their armoury. The future looks bright and wisdom fuelled for these guys.

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Twitter: @dlayeddparture

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