Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Conan - 'Revengeance' review

All set to punish some eardrums with new album 'Revengenance', out 29th January via Napalm Records, lets see if Conan are still crushing enemies, seeing them driven before them, hearing lamentations etc.

Opening track 'Throne of Fire' begins with riffs and pounding drums that are a little faster paced than you've come to expect from these lords of the slow-paced thunderous crawl; that is before the chorus kicks in, slowing things down and showcasing how well the dual vocals of guitarist Jon Davis and bassist Chris Fielding work.

An album highlight is the title track, undoubtedly the fastest track on the album, full of catchy riffs and moments of distorted, drone-esque bliss. Another to add to that list is 'Every Man Is An Enemy' with some great vocal hooks and some of my favourite riffs on the album.

The crushingly heavy album closer 'Earthenguard' is a perfect example of a band that places tone as high on their priority list when it comes to making music as the huge, monolithic riffs or the oft times blisteringly intense drumming of recent addition to the Conan lineup Rich Lewis (also of Intensive Square).

We've come to expect no less from Conan than a mammoth slab of modern doom with every release and 'Revengeance' is nothing short of that. An absolute aural bludgeoning and an excellent addition to their back catalogue.

Praise Crom.

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