Saturday, 2 January 2016

Armstrong: Self-Titled EP Review

Armstrong are a Scottish indie rock band that describe their music as having exciting pop melodies and soaring sing-along choruses and I think we have to agree on that!

The band's single 'Thursday Night Club' is a beautiful mix of pop rock guitars and melodic pop vocals. The song is very pretty and accented vocals make for a stand-out high flyer of a song.

The other three songs on the EP manage to keep up the feeling given from opening the track and are all as anthemic as the other. The band are very well mixed and the EP is, on a whole, fantastic. It is hard to criticize when it just simply makes you happy.

It must be said that the Scottish accent is a lovely one. Here it works as a massive advantage to the band's general sound and feel. Armstrong feel genuine and real and it is definitely no lie as each song on this EP hits you right in the feels.

FFO: Biffy Clyro, Paramore, Twin Atlantic, Anything Scottish with a lot of feeling basically.

Facebook: /ArmstrongUK/
Twitter: @armstrongbanduk

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