Saturday, 12 December 2015

Secrets: 'Everything That Got Us Here' Album Review

We were asked to check out the brand new album "Everything That Got Us Here" from rising post-hardcorers Secrets. The album was produced by Andrew Wade and Tom Denney (A Day To Remember) and was released Friday December 11th. Here is our thoughts:

Opening intro track is probably the biggest surprise of the album. When this hit our desk I was pumped and ready for a post-hardcore banger and what comes out of the first 33 seconds sounds like something out of glee. Odd but on a second listen, it works!

First single 'Rise Up' is a choooon! The motivating lines of "You gotta rise up, you gotta fight it" soar over as both cleans and screams weave in and out of hard-hitting drums and fast-paced guitars.

Heavier tracks on the album "Left Behind" and "Turn The Page" bring the gritty head-bangers to the album. Raspy vocals take the lead and it works really damn well! I am sure these tracks will help in bringing a heavier listening audience to the band.

Delving into fast alternative anthems Secrets bring "Half Alive", "The Man That Never Was", "In Loving Memory" and "I'll Be Fine", 4 tracks that are infused with sing-along choruses to rope in any listener and leave a mark on them!

Showing their lighter less intense side, songs such as "Learn To Love" and "For What It's Worth" take it down a notch to bring a poppier side to a generally heavy sound. In addition final track "The One With No One" is a wonderfully acoustic song that rounds off the album on a high.

Overall, this is a very well-rounded album that is bound to launch the band onto bigger and better things. New vocalist Wade Walters shines on the album with incredible vocals and a high range. The diversity shown on the album is astonishing.

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