Saturday, 12 December 2015

SayWeCanFly: 'Darling' EP Review

SayWeCanFly has just released new EP 'Darling' and it's really really good. Please read on for a track by track review:

Single track and EP opener 'Darling' is an emotively driven and passionate anthem that packs all the best of early emo and pop-punk back when My Chemical Romance and A Rocket To The Moon were kicking it and making teenage girls dreams come true with their dreamy melodrama.

'High School' is a positively moody song about school funnily enough. The gloom behind the chirpy tone is fantastically written and executed. 'Better Off Alone' strikes more of a Deaf Havana vibe at times. Again with the raspy vocals over a light-hearted yet slightly gloomy acoustic guitar it's a nice little head bobber.

'When I Come Home' had me interested instantly. The guitar track overlays piano notes that bring the song to life. I'm a sucker for a pretty song and this ticks all the boxes for me. If I wasn't already invested "Just close your eyes little butterfly I got you" . It's a beautiful song that is definitely the hearty lovey ballady acoustic of the EP. "Driftwood Heart" is a slower piano based track that best showcases incredible vocal talent on Braden Barrie's part. His soft cleans effortlessly transcend and build into more raspy and raw vocals.

I'm pretty sure Never Shout Never is still waving the flag on this type of music but wholly it's a dying trend/genre. Saying that, don't simply discount this as only an "Emo" EP and that it's not relevant. It's great to see/hear artists like this expanding and building on a very worn out genre. Much like This Wild Life are currently doing, SayWeCanFly is quickly identifying as a fantastic act with equally fantastic music.

Facebook: /saywecanfly
Twitter: @SayWeCanFly

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