Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Nucleust: 'Faith By The Sword' Single Review

Nucleust are a four piece making quite a bit of noise for only 4 guys! The extreme metal band from Perth, Australia have released their newest single 'Faith By The Sword' and we took a listen!

This 6 minute mammoth of a track takes you through heavy as f*&k beatdowns,breakdowns, riffage, brutality and a personal favourite of mine at present; half-time breakdowns. With some great thrashy sections and slower heavy hitting moments the song delivers in terms of being a solid metal song.

The single is fantastic though I feel a broader vocal range may make a necessary move away from the hardcore intensity that the band hit you with for 6 minutes long. It's cool because it does make me do my breakdown face a lot but then can become quite monotonous at the half way point. The song is also very long. I feel like I have listened to a teaser for an album having experienced tempo changes and shifts in type of riff that are very sudden and unexpected. Don't get me wrong, this can be effective but maybe not when used as much. Overall a great song from the band!

Check out the equally crazy video for the song below:

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Twitter: @nucleust

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