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Noizze talks to Wolf Hoffmann of Accept - Interview

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Wolf Hoffmann of the German Heavy Metal legends Accept! Here's what he had to say on all things Metal:

Noizze: Am I right to say that you're in the middle of the Blind Rage World Tour? How have you been finding it?

WOLF: I would say – in the last quarter…. I find it unbelievable that you can tour that long. We love it and we have to stop at one point to write a new album. Excited is the word…we are excited and grateful!

Noizze: How have you found the fans of today for Accept?

WOLF: No difference to the ones we always had, because many, many of them are fans from day one. It is mind boggling to see the old and the new fans giving us the time of our life. We are there so give the fans what they want as they give us always what we could not have even dreamed of. It is that TOGETHERNESS that is so fascinating and exciting. We are normally 2 hours on stage and the fans make that the shortest 2 hours you can imagine!

Noizze: Would you also like to comment on 2014's Blind Rage? How it was received and it's construction?

WOLF: Unbelievable. Our first # 1 in sales charts and fantastic shows – seems to me as: BINGO! BLIND RAGE …. did it! Thank you, FANS!!!!

Noizze: We're very excited for your UK appearance, how do you find the UK scene? And coming back to the UK?

WOLF: We have not toured enough in UK and it will take a while until we can come back. So, when we were offered the European Dates for November/December, we said: let’s not forget London. It was such a great show last time. We do not know much about the UK Scene of today. I believe, it is vibrant as always and we all know the importance of the UK Music culture. It is still THE temple for us … So - coming back to LONDON before the recording process is just a personal wish of mine.

Noizze: How does it compare to the German scene? And the metal scene when you first started out?

WOLF: UK was way earlier in it and I believe that the innovation elements are still pretty advanced in UK. However, like the Scandinavians and others are pretty strong too. The world became a smaller place because you can get anything anywhere and at any time. For our history the UK has played a very distinguished role ….

Noizze: Accept have had a long career and have released many important albums over the years, how does it feel looking back at such an important contribution to metal music?

WOLF: Thank you! I strongly believe, for me as songwriter and performer that it will take a long time to understand that. It is a process I never really understood – I get told about our influence and status in the history of Metal and the only time I believe there could be something too is when I see how many times our songs got played by others, when our music is used in music lessons in schools…. It is then that I start to believe – maybe there is some truth to it. It humbles me and makes be try harder than ever, to write THE SONG we always hope we get.

Noizze: Has much changed over the years?

WOLF: Not much at all - not for us. We have the same intensity, strength and awareness of the MOMENT. We work as hard as ever and we enjoy the fans as much as ever… We are a very closed, small and private circle holding our faces to the sun so we don’t see the
shadows in the daily happenings. We move on and on and on! We do what we always do ….

Noizze: You've had many line up changes over the years and recently saw the addition of Uwe Lulis and Christopher Williams, has this been a blessing and/or a curse for the band over the years?

WOLF: You know, it is interesting that you say that – because we thought the same, that we have had many changes. But not long ago, we checked out other bands. We are not doing too bad if you dare to check it out and compare. Peter and I are ACCEPT since we were 16 (me) and 17 (Peter) years old. We are the ones who are the creative nucleus ever since and we are talking here about nearly 40 years! And 35+ of them we are with Gaby, therefore we are in the club of ‘Very long and very steady partnerships’ and there are have not been many around that you can compare with us! Creativity cannot survive in a cage and like in a marriage, you need to be with people who are bringing out the best in you and not the other way around and – most important – THAT does not mean they are bad or not talented people. I am for total freedom of anything that is stopping you.

Noizze: How have Uwe Lulis and Christopher Williams adjusted to the band and helped keep the band alive today?

WOLF: They adjusted well! But keeping ACCEPT alive has not been exactly in theirs or anybodies job description. And yet, you can see it on stage – we are having fun galore and the fans are happy as far as we know. Life is good and I am sure we can rock them for a long time to come! High energy, high excitement…. And there is more to come!

Noizze: What's for the future of Accept? I've heard rumours of another album post the world tour?

WOLF: Of course… of course! After a tour is before a tour and after an album is before an album…we are on it and please - wish us luck! We need to step up… again!!! Our fans deserve it! And so far, I guess we delivered!

Noizze: Any advice for bands just starting out?

WOLF: Never give up and never give in!

Noizze: Are there any bands that you think will be the future of Metal? (Other than yourselves of course)

WOLF: You are very kind! I do not believe we are the FUTURE :) We sure are the glory past! BUT still doing it in the present and still able to make our fans happy! We can still rock and kick A**….. and don’t expect us to slow down any time soon! We love what we do and let me tell you - we never ever felt better!!!!! Mark is REMARKABLE and Uwe so good for us and Young Christopher got the groove….. we are just warming up! Check us out!
Noizze: We like to end on a random question, what's your favourite colour?


Thanks goes to Wolf and Accept for his time in answering our questions and also Nuclear Blast for making it happen.

Accept will be playing the UK this December in London at The Forum on 7th December. Tickets available here. Hell will be supporting.

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