Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Live Review: Lower Than Atlantis w/ Moose Blood, As It Is and Brawlers @ Bristol O2 Academy

Tonight is a HUGE showcase of British talent. Pop Rock Kings Lower Than Atlantis are here to celebrate two amazing years including the release of their self-titled release along with a MASSIVE deluxe edition more recently. Tonight's support slots also mark some amazing up-and-comers in the rock/pop scene. To open are the boys in Brawlers bringing a really edgey form of emotive rock. We have the youngsters in As It Is bringing their pop melodies and heartthrob anthems. In addition Moose Blood who had the crowd in the palms of their hands.

First up are Leeds rockers Brawlers who do well in setting the tone for the show. Their fast punk anthems lose me at times but on the whole they bring energy and fun to the show. The crowd is with them every step of the way with plenty of pits and singalongs. The band seem to gel really well together.

I'm sure we will be seeing more of Brawlers in 2016!

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As It Is have toured their album "Never Happy Ever After" relentlessly over the last year and have bounced from strength to strength because of it. They have also bounced from tour to tour and have comfortably found themselves on this one. Now I have said this before but I remember seeing As It Is, mere weeks before they blew up, in Fuel Rock Club in front of around 30 people. Seeing them here in front of a little more than that amount they seem comfortable and controlled. Pushing all of their amazing tracks from their awesome album the band absolutely smashed it. 2016 will be a great year for these boys too.

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Jumping from success to success Moose Blood's accessibly indie rocking sound suits as a main support for Lower Than Atlantis. Heartfelt rock anthems fill their set and the crowd are all for it.

With an amazing blend of off-key vocals and big atmospheric moments they do impress.

One thing is for sure, Moose Blood are on the rise... and fast.

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A successful album turned deluxe whopper has made the boys in Lower Than Atlantis a very privileged and appreciative band as they stand on stage at the 02 Academy in Bristol.

A year ago when the band released their self-titled album they had no idea they would be turning that into a massive deluxe album due to overwhelming success. After tonnes of radio airplay, shows left right and centre and a plethora of singles and hits the band are polished and pristine. With hits like "Emily", "Here We Go" and even newer banger "Get Over It" there is never a dull moment within their sit.

A more humble sounding Mike Duce than the last time I saw him uses his almost awkard stage presence to help him grab the crowd and stick them all right where he wants them, in the palm of his hand. I mean lets face it if you and your band can be as good as they are then presence is barely an issue.

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Amazing Show. Amazing Bands. Amazing Night. Great Gig!

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