Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Jacs Top 10 Albums of 2015!

10.  Bullet For My Valentine - Venom

Rising from the abysmal ashes of previous album "Temper Temper", an album that even the band have grown to dislike on the whole, Bullet For My Valentine had something to prove on their latest release. "Venom" may not be to many of the Poison-era fans' tastes but it is definitely an amazing improvement. The album holds the likes of and "Army of Noise", "Broken" and "No Way Out", all of which delve into classic Bullet.

Check out "No Way Out" below:

9. For Today - Wake

Maybe not an obvious choice at all but For Today have dropped a huge banger of a record with "Wake". The amount of pent up aggression packed into every second of the music is sometimes too hard for me to handle whilst driving to work! Having said this, the band also show off a lighter, cleaner and more melodic approach in some of their songwriting. The album is genuinely fantastic for any metalcore fan!

Take a listen to opening track "No Truth No Sacrifice"

8. Red - Of Beauty And Rage

"Of Beauty And Rage" is both the name of the album and probably the best way of explaining in short what you have to expect from it. The band have held on to their signature sound and taken a step back in time to when they loved to add strings, synths and violins to their heavy rocking sound. Overall it's a fantastic album that boasts the best of Reds sound.

Check out "The Darkest Part" and its awesome accompanying video:

7. Seaway - Colour Blind

Seaway have been a band on my radar since releasing their previous EP "All In My Head". They have moved from strength to strength through relentlessly touring through Europe and the US.Their brand new album "Colour Blind" is the product of an increased maturity in sound that brings us the best in old-school pop punk whilst making it current.

Check out their banger of a track "Growing Stale":

6. Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep

Enter Shikari are one of the leading entrepreneurs of our time in terms of infusing rock music and other multiple genres such as electronic. "The Mindsweep" addresses many political issues that the band feel strongly about and to be frank no band does it better than they do. The album is packed to the brim with varying tracks that weave in and out of rock and electronic. Overall an amazing addition to a back-catalogue that is already ridiculously strong.

If you have been living under a rock and haven't heard the bands track "Anaesthetist" then listen below:

5. Our Last Night - Younger Dreams

Our Last Night have progressively turned to a poppier, more accessible sound which showed in previous EP "Oak Island". After the success the band has seen online with various covers of popular music they have propelled themselves to a new dimension in their most recent release "Younger Dreams" that combines heavy/post-hardcore guitars/drums with soaring vocals of a high range. Melodic and pop orientated choruses are present in every song and make for a great combination of sing-along rock anthems.

Check out this belter that is "Home":

4. Parkway Drive - Ire

Parkway Drive have taken a stand and moved in a direction that hasn't been wholly popular with old-school/die-hard "Parkway are only metalcore" fans but I support their direction of sound. The band have taken everything they are good at and piled on melodic guitars and well thought-out music. The band have created an album that blends Iron Maidens iconic sound and Machine Heads intricate and technical metal. The album is incredible and sees Parkway venture into very exciting territory for the future!

If you don't like this head-banging, fist-pumping anthem then you should. Here is "Vice Grip":

3. Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit

Potentially the most talked about band of 2015. Bring Me The Horizons year has been one hell of a ride and they have roped in a mass of fans in the process of releasing their latest album "That's The Spirit". The album is packed full of pop melodies that soar over electronic/synths and rocky guitars. The band have held onto their dark themes lyrically but have brought their whole sound to a radio friendly status.

Check out the incredible latest single "True Friends":

2. Fightstar - Behind The Devil's Back

Okay so Fightstar only went and dropped a new album this year and said album did blow my socks off. Controversially or not, Charlie Simpson may have just rejoined Busted but I don't care because he said he is staying with Fightstar (I am easily pleased). The album itself is a true masterpiece of a modern take on nu-metal and rock. With heavily distorted sections to more melodic cleaner moments the band have pulled together their collective musicianship to mould an album that is sonically driven and as a whole is incredible.

Have a listen to "Sink With The Snakes" below:

1. While She Sleeps - Brainwashed

Once in a while an album comes along that blows your mind in a fantastic way. The idea of falling in love with the music is a concept that may sound quite corny but it is very possible I promise you. While She Sleeps have created an album that, simply put, has made me fall in love with metal and metalcore as a genre. This is by far the most polished and profound album of 2015 showcasing a perfection in it's own genre. Bravo gentlemen.

Check out the whopping title track "Brainwashed"

So that rounds off our top 10 albums of 2015 and on behalf of us all let's bring on the music of 2016!

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