Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Falling With Style: The End of an Era

Falling With Style... for those of you that live in Wales (Cardiff) and are between the ages of 15 and 30 will either know this band or know someone that does. They have been pounding the British scene touring, supporting and gaining fans since 2010 and it's safe to say that they are pretty well-known. 3 EP's, a performance at Download Festival, tonnes of shows with tonnes of names and plenty of gigging along the way pretty much brings you up to date. Well it is with much sadness that we aid in carrying the news that Falling With Style are no more, finished, DONE, goodbye forever.

It is probably easier that we let the four remaining members, Lucas, Thom, Ben and Ryan tell you themselves:


Well, here we are. We weren't sure this day would ever come, but we have some big news for you here at Falling With Style. 

Following the recent departure of Scott, it was understandable to say that FWS as we all knew it was going to drastically change. New songs, new sound, basically a complete fresh start with everything bar our name and members... But as time has gone by, we, Lucas, Ryan, Ben and Thom, have decided that this is maybe the most respectful and sensible place to call Falling With Style a day. 

Fear not. Our original plan of carrying on as a four-piece is one we truly intend on carrying out, but maybe it was time that we left the teenagers that formed this band in the past and started afresh. 

We are not dead. We will never die. We can take pride in the luxury that the love of music runs through our veins and it always will. 2016 will see the return of us 4. It will see the rebirth of us 4.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates over the following months. 

To our musical mentors, managers, producers and other bands that taught us new tricks and lessons everyday, we thank you. To our wonderful friends for supporting us over the years, we thank you. To our incredibly supportive and understanding families, we emphatically thank you. But most importantly, to our passionate and inspiring fans - We are forever in your debts. The hundreds of shirts you've bought, the thousands of plays you've given our songs, the countless shows you've attended... You really did exceed all of our expectations. 

Until next time. 

Lucas Woodland, Ryan James, Benjamin Elliott and Thomas Pike - Falling With Style. xo"

Thanks FWS for the inspiration and passion you brought to us the last five years and lets hope this marks the beginning of an even bigger journey...

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