Sunday, 27 December 2015

Bloodflower: 'Run - The Remix Tapes' Review

Bloodflower have taken their extremely successful track 'Run' and expanded your listening experience of it threefold! Say hello to The 'Remix Tapes' where we see the song broken up and used in three rather different versions to the original. Let's explore...

The new releases are remixes of the song and provide cool variations to an otherwise fantastic track. The first version is the Jauge Remix which is slightly repetitive though puts an indie/electro cult feel to the song removing some of the main hooks and instead leaving the focus on the vocals. Second version which is the Glowing Palms Remix has a bit more feeling to it. The version includes less vocals but more samples of the song and structure to create a very 80's sounding theme tune, it's quite an interesting variation that seems very experimental but still hold's the general vibe of the track.

The final version is the Department M Remix that slows down the track and puts major trippy phasers sounding things over the top. Using the vocal lines and sporadic synths as the main hooks it's not a song that instantly catches your attention but is one that fans of the song will recognize and enjoy. Listening to this version and then listening to the original directly after is a very odd feeling but it must be admired that the connection can be easily made.

Bottom line is, I much prefer the original as it holds the most life, ambience and passion. It is the indie/electro song that made me enjoy the bands sound from the outset. That said, I do enjoy the remixes and the fact that the track has been successful enough to have further versions created is also very cool. It is nice to see a band of this genre embracing remixes in this way as well. Very cool to see!

Go grab the remixes absolutely free HERE.

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