Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Bethany's Top 10 Albums of 2015

So it took me ages to even start to plan this, I mean, how can i justify what my top 10 albums of 2015 are when so many bangers were released!? However, after careful consideration and hours of re-listening to some albums i have finally decided so here goes nothing.

At number 10.....
Motorhead - 'Bad Magic'. This album is yet another example of why the band are still so successful. This is the bands 22nd studio album and you think they'd be out of ideas by now, right? WRONG. Tune after tune on this album,  'Teach Them How To Bleed' in my opinion could be up there with one of the best songs they've written. HOWEVER, was a cover of The Rolling Stones 'Sympathy For The Devil' really necessary? I get that after that many years of being a band you gotta change things up a little but i feel like this would've been so much better just released on its own as a one off random cover.
Sitting at number 9 is...
Fall Out Boy - 'American Beauty/American Pyscho'. It's safe to say that this band do not stick to one genre and that's what makes me love them so much. Since I heard 'Dance, Dance' for the first time, i've never been bored and with the release of this album and the ABSOLUTE CHOOON 'Centuries' I couldn't not include it in my top 10.
At number 8 we have...
Parkway Drive - 'Destroyer'. Holy shit what an album this is. The name of it says it all, it destroyed my soul I love it that much. The perfect combination of Iron Maiden and While She Sleeps, which for me is a total eargasm. It opens with the song 'Destroyer' and then track number 3 'Vice Grip' is well another banger, thats the only way i can describe it. I will most definitely be going to Birmingham to see them in February.
At number 7 it is...
Fightstar - 'Behind The Devils Back'. Let me start by saying, puberty did Charlie Simpson gooooood!!! But anyway, on a musical note this album is A class with the songs like 'Sharp Tongue' and 'Sink With The Snakes'. I hadn't listened to Fightstar until I was shown this album and I was so shocked to find out that it was the shy little Charlie Simpson from Busted. The vocal range on him is outstanding.
Then at number 6 we have...
Slaves - 'Are You Satisfied?'. These cheeky chaps from Kent, England really push the boundaries with their music. This album for me is so catchy it's hard not to like. Songs like "Hey' with the lyrics 'Hey, watch out for those kids, please... They'll tear you apart" Obviously depending what part of the country you go to depends on whether or not kids will 'tear you apart'. Then 'Cheer Up London' for me is the best song on the album with the lyrics "Put another 0 in your paycheck, are you done digging your grave yet?" is political but safe purely because they say it too fast for people to even realise what they're actually saying.
Standing at number 5...
Enter Shikari -'The Mindsweep'. What an amazing album. It was so hard to try and place this album cause they'be always been one of my favourite bands. They literally never fail to impress with EVERYTHING they do. Addressing the NHS is risky but its such a good song. 'Myopia' in particular for me is possibly one of the best chorus' that Shikari have written. 'Theres A Price On Your Head' at some parts sounds a bit like a standard System Of A Down song, but hey, I ain't complaining! Check out this choooon.
At number 4 we have..
Don Broco - 'Automatic'. These are the nicest bunch of guys EVER. Back last year my dad text me and said he got me tickets for their Reading warm up show then text back and said he was joking after I was like jumping round my room screaming and I tweeted it into Don Broco and the absolute legends messaged me and put me on guest list. LADS. Anyway, prior to the release of Automatic they released a few of the songs as singles before hand and it got me soooo excited. 'Money Power Fame' is so catchy and the guitar riffs just make me wanna dance. When they released 'What You Do To Me' I was really apprehensive because the first 2 bars legit sounded like a turkish song, but once it got into the chorus it really grew on me. 10/10 for this album, without a doubt. Super excited to see these guys on December 3rd in Cardiff.
At number 3...
While She Sleeps - 'Brainwashed'. First things first, these guys are absolutely storming 2015 with the release of this album and then getting on the Bullet For My Valentine tour.. There are 3 songs on this album that really stand out to me, 'Brainwashed', that breakdown at 2:55, do i really need to say anything else?. 'Trophies Of Violence' those guitar riffs are so catchy and weirdly the end of the track is what i love most "But it's not the end of the world" chill for a lil bit  "YET". And then 'Four Walls' kicks off with a nice gospel choir and then ERUPTS into a sick chorus that you physically can't not sing to. I really love the video to 'Brainwashed' as well, its just simple but really cool at the same time. 15/10 for effort from these guys.
Now at number 2....
Bring Me The Horizon - 'Thats The Spirit'. My boys never fail to disappoint. After the release of 'Sempiternal' in 2013, I loved it so much I needed them to release something else ASAP so when this came around I was over the moon. For me the best song on the album is 'True Friends', everything from the lyrics to the artwork and to the fact that is is CONSTANTLY stuck in my head! 2nd best is 'Drown' I think the reason I like this one so much is because I relate to like every lyric but its so well written as well. The acoustic version of 'Drown' that they performed on BBC Live Lounge was insane, It blew me away!. And then 'Blasphemy' is another favourite, the lyrics are really  quite emotional if you delve deep enough into them. 
Take a listen to this gem of a song:
And now, last BUT certainly not least we have..
Iron Maiden - 'The Book Of Souls'. Now this may be slightly biased because I love them so much but fuck it! Lets start things off with saying its been a bloody long time coming. It's been 5 years since the release of their last album 'The Final Frontier' and despite the horrific battle Bruce Dickinson has recently faced this album made me speechless!!. Some of the solo's in 'Speed Of Light' really made me question why I didn't pay more attention in my guitar lessons, like they're RIDICULOUS. The video is great to, so entertaining to watch AND THEY HAVE A GAME!? like are these not the coolest 50/60 year old guys ever or what. The main thing about this album that I love is that I don't just sing along to the lyrics...I sing the guitars, the bass, the drums, and all the random sound effects(that probably shouldn't have been added). One thing I am a little bit disappointed out is the recording of the album, now I know Maiden are that old classic rock band but I just really wish that the album was recorded better and everything was waaay more clear. But I still love it more than anything. Bring on Download 2016!

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