Tuesday, 3 November 2015

When We Were Wolves: 'Vile' Single Review

Sometimes words simply cannot describe the face you pull when the riff kicks in and it's blindingly heavy and has those drums behind that are thrashy and viscous and then... The SCREAMS. Well the new When We Were Wolves (WWWW) track literally blew my brain with how disgustingly heavy the song is.. I pulled that face.

'Vile' is the newest video/single from the boys and the performance in said video is as dark and dingy as you would hope. After the bands previous EP 'Heartless' this single definitely shows a move towards a direction I can get behind. It ticks all the boxes but in addition to that shows a new found flare to bring even catchier hooks and vocal lines into a very Slipknot esque song.

Check out the song below:

Anyone hearing this band for the first time will probably be taken back by their effortless contrast of screaming/clean vocals and so they should be. Metalcore/Post-hardcore is a genre being widely explored at present but there are few bands making a push towards genre defining but if WWWW have more songs like this up their sleeve they could be a serious candidate!

So make sure to check out the blistering new single from When We Were Wolves and and get your face ready. Also this meme is the closest thing I have found to said Breakdown Face.. You all know what I'm on about.

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Twitter: @W4_Official

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