Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wardance: 'Wardance' EP Review

This trio of Fuzzy Rockers from London are bringing back a bit of old-school grunge in their self-titled debut EP.

Opener 'Free Radicals' is definitely a Nirvana esque track but has some real flare. I am not the biggest fan of the genre in general but the catchy hooks and bassline had me drawn in. Other tracks on the EP offer a variety of differentiation from the heavier screeches heard in 'Reality' to the far slower, extremely grunge like feel in 'Guiding Light'. EP closer 'Come Alive' brings back the fast pace of the opener and ties the cord around a wholly sound EP!

Well the EP has managed to make a listener ut of me and that is definitely something! I advise this to fans of the genre and even to those who aren't.

FFO: Nirvana, Royal Blood, Soundgarden

Facebook: /wardancebanduk
Twitter: @wardanceuk

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