Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Prestige: 'Amer' Album Review

The Prestige are a French "Alternative Hardcore/Rock/Indie/Punk" band. That's a lot of apparent genres and would make for one hell of a diverse band if it were true! Let's put their new album 'Amer' in the spotlight and see whether it ticks all the boxes.

Opening track 'Amer' sounds in with harsh vocals that sound like they could voice an uprising. There's one section where the vocals and pace change completely fastening drastically. It's an odd addition to the opening track but easily looked over.

'Amer' leads directly into the explosive second track 'Bête Noire' which is fast and ferocious. The dual vocals throughout accompanied by roaring guitars combine well with the sporadic lead notes sprinkled on top. Sections where lead guitars sit more prominently as a calm amongst a storm of sound are where the band soars most.

'Léger de main' is dark and menacing from the outset with spoken vocals over the whirring buzz of a distorted guitar. The track is slow and tense but works well with raw vocals. The instrumental explosion towards the end is a fantastic outburst of emotion and feels like controllable aggression.

'Enfants terribles', 'Voir Dire', 'Marquee' and 'Apaches' provide the punchy tracks throughout that form the band's more aggressive and unhinged anthems. The songs at times seem a little under-produced but it adds to the effect of the band's raw ferocity.

'Négligée' and 'Cri de coeur' provide the long 6 minute songs allowing the band to encompass all aspects of their style into the tracks. With spoken word combining with sections of fast pace and slowed down moments that allow for the subtle chimes of the instruments to leave you pondering what might come next these mammoth tracks provide great listens.

'Ingénue' sounds like drunk Kurt Cobain playing a shocking acoustic whilst everyone else at the party fell asleep. However I can't decide whether I like it or not as it adds to the edgy performance the band seem to go for. 'Petite mort' is a little more controlled and less drunk-like. The song is at times atmospheric with soaring vocals piercing over an aura of sound, very good.

So i'm not quite sure what the band are going for by providing so many genres as a description of their sound but Hardcore or Post-Hardcore seems to mostly cover it. To be fair there don't seem to be many band's like this coming out of France and it is amazing to see. The Prestige have managed to imprint their own character onto this album which is something that is not easy to do. Overall it is a great listen.

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