Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sophie Coran: 'Better' Acoustic Session/Music Video

Our amazingly talented friend Sophie Coran has recently released one of two music videos from her debut EP 'Better'. The video for the title track, which  was released November 12th, is a beautiful acoustic session which you can watch below.

The next video for 'Tell Me' will be released soon but do not fear we will have the video featured on the site then too. I have said it before but will gladly say it again, Sophie Coran has been one of my favourite acoustic artists to send in a submission to Noizze and I am really glad we get to follow along with her progress. Play this song when you are feeling down, up, sideways, who cares... Just play it and relish in it's beauty.

Facebook: /sophiecomusic
Twitter: @sophiecoran

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