Saturday, 28 November 2015

Reigning Days: 'Friendly Fire' Single Review

Now we may be late off the mark in listening and reviewing this but you know when you just have to because the song is that good? Well this is one of those times...

Reigning Days are quite simply a fantastic rock band. The three piece are another to add to your playlist "Rock, Riffs and F*%king Kick Ass Songs". Overly emphasized scratchiness on the guitars, check. Kaiser Chiefs/The Killers-esque vocals, check. Royal Blood-esque riffs, check. General awesomeness in one 3 minute track, check check check.

Put simply the song is an anthem that would find it's way onto playlist with rock legends such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Muse and Royal Blood. With this sort of rock music taking off heavily as a genre it take bands like Reigning Days to punch through the masses and rise to the top. 10 outta bloody 10!

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Twitter: @Reigningdays

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