Saturday, 21 November 2015

Live Review: Breathe In The Silence w/ Nineteen Fifty Eight, Glass Giants, Revelation @ The Scene, Swansea

So on the 20th November we saw 4 welsh bands take to the stage of The Scene, Swansea who absolutely nailed it, may I add. Even though the weather was tragic it didn't put a dampener of any of the performances.

First up on the bill,  post-hardcore band, Revelation. Fair play to them for getting the crowd going so well. After listening to their EP, I was pretty disappointed in singer Sam Casey's performance, possibly may have been down to nerves but you could definitely see the potential in him. However, the band worked well together and I really did enjoy it. (6/10)

Next up, Glass Giants. Missing Kids In Glass Houses? Look no further than these boys, their infectious melodies and all round fun persona on stage make their shows so enjoyable. Vocals and harmonies were spot on but not just by vocalist Ross Dixon, but, by drummer Martyn Howell and guitarist Alex Williams. New bassist Zac Read looks as though he's been in the band for years with his stage presence. Can't wait to see what these lot do next. Their most recent single 'Up All Night' is available now on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. (9/10)

Third band of the night were Swansea local band, Nineteen Fifty Eight. Vocalist Ceryn Evans (from what I could hear) has a voice very similar to that of Hayley Williams('Paramore') but with that being said her really great voice was totally lost, maybe turn the mic up or just a sing a little bit louder? They performed a really impressive set though and the crowd loved them. I do suggest giving the bassist an energy drink before their next gig though. Their current EP 'When Will I Get To You?' is out now. (7/10)

Last but not least, Breathe In The Silence. Probably the coolest intro to a set, but they just seemed to lose it until half way through their second song. Vocalist Adamross Williams was on point especially with his screaming. Unfortunately, in the intimate acoustic part of the set, he forgot the lyrics but took it lightly with some encouragement from the hardcore fans down the front. Bassist Jake Bowen doesn't get enough credit for his screaming and should definitely do more. 10/10 for effort with the head banging, someone give this boy a neck massage. However, drummer Conor Evans should probably focus more on performing than pushing his hair back all the time... or just invest in a hair bobble. Their last song of the set was HUGE and really got the crowd going. All in all a pretty decent show, looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table next in 2016. (8/10)

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