Sunday, 22 November 2015

Iron Mountain: 'Unum' Album Review

This is a bit of a different one for us here at Noizze but one that I personally hold a real likening too. Iron Mountain are an instrumental band from Limerick, Ireland. The bands debut album 'Unum', which is latin for 'One', is out now so we thought we would check it out.

Any music that is instrumental and could find it's way into a soundtrack or score of a film really strikes a chord with me. Hearing the slow inclusion of instruments on a song that is longer and allowed the time to build and create emotion is fantastic. It takes a certain level of musicianship for a song to play out that isn't vocally driven though if done right, as it is here, the song can feel open and free to the listeners imagination.

Opening track 'Bonfires' is beautiful. Filling your ears with a plethora of sounds the band have managed to craft instrumental music that packs enough character to not even require vocals at all. Looking through the bands instruments incorporated within the album is insightful, with guitars, drums, flute, uilleann pipes, synths, saxophone, violin and further percussion you can clearly hear the intricacy behind the music.

In only five songs the playtime is just under an hour which means each of the songs have tonnes of time to impress the listener. In general, ranging from hard rock to light metal with plenty of irish folk influence and bluesy sections, songs 'Enthralidom' and 'Opium' excel in creating a soundscape of imagery.

In conclusion, if you are at all interested in music done right and have any interest in classical, epic, blues, metal, rock or all of these genres then I strongly recommend a listen to this amazing album.

You can go grab the album or even a listen HERE.

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