Monday, 23 November 2015

Gavin Talks to The Voynich Code at TECH-FEST

At TechFest we had the chance to talk to the brutal The Voynich Code!

Noizze: Thank you for giving us this opportunity we really appreciate it.

Miguel Pires: Thanks
Nelson Rebelo: Thank you.
Nuno Cordeiro: Thank you.

Noizze: So, this is Noizze and this is The Voynich (Voi-Nick) Code, am I pronouncing that right? Have I messed up already? (laughs)

Nuno: We're Voynich (Voi-Nitch) Code, but... (smiles and shakes)
Nelson: Yeah well in English we usually pronounce it Voynich (Voi-Nitch) Code, although it's in the original language they usual say Voynich (Voi-Nick), so. It's why we'll say it both ways though usually Voynich (Voi-Nitch).

Noizze: Oh okay, so I'm off to a good start.

(all laugh)
Nelson: Yeah.

Noizze: How are you finding the festival so far?

Nelson: Uhh awesome man. Great bands right here and um.
Miguel: We've quite a few friends around.
Nelson: Yeah.

Noizze: Who would you say you've most enjoyed or are most looking forward to?

Nelson: Uhh right now Monuments and I'm looking forward to them.
Miguel: I would like to check Cyclamen today.
Nelson: Yeah.
Nuno: Yeah.
Miguel: I don't remember.
Nelson: There are so many bands.
Miguel: So good. It's hard to choose.

Noizze: Yeah, I certainly understand. Well, I know genre is a very difficult subject when it comes to metal because nobody likes being classified despite the fact it's a good way of like grouping the different sounds together. I'm just picking up on the fact that the festival is called Techfest and just wondering what you guys would think about the technical aspects of your music?

Nelson: Uhh how are we technical? (laughs)
Miguel: I don't know.
Nelson: Well I guess we have some complex riffing in some parts actually. Uhh some parts... some solo...
Nuno: Some of the sections are complex, not just the riffs but uhh...
Miguel: we're not the most techy guys around but sometimes we like to spice it up a little bit.
Nelson: Yeah.
Nuno: Yeah.
Nelson: We wouldn't call ourselves Tech. Actually I don't know what we'd call ourselves. You know: labelling.

Noizze: Fair enough. As far as I'm aware Tech is not much of a genre in itself.

Nelson: Yeah.
Miguel: Yeah.
Nuno: Yeah.

Noizze: It's much more of a sort of compliment like you have melodic and melodic death metal. You have Tech-Death.

Nelson: Yeah.
Nuno: Yeah.

Noizze: Okay, well how have you been finding things in the UK scene?

Nuno: Uhh probably this is the centre.

Noizze: You believe it's the centre?

Nuno: Yeah. Some of the bands that come from the UK, they are really, really, really good. This is the centre. For sure.
Miguel: Yeah. In europe you have a lot of emerging bands. Amazing.
Nuno: Yeah.

Noizze: Yeah? We will pick up on that one later but first who was the first band that you guys saw live? Each of you.

Nelson: Uhhh...
Miguel: Here?

Noizze: Generally, anywhere.

Nuno: I saw Napalm Death.

Noizze: That's a good band to start with!

Nuno: (laughs) Great band.

Noizze: It's usually really embarrassing bands that's a really good one!

Nuno: Yeah, it was really good.
Nelson: Uhhh can't really remember.
Miguel: Yeah, can't remember.

Noizze: Ok, well as a band who would you most like to play with?

Nuno: Gojira. Gojira.

Noizze: Nice.

Miguel: I'd actually like to play with quite a few bands, some of them are actually here. Obviously we have Veil of Maya.
Nelson: Yeah.
Miguel: Yeah we're playing with band that we were listening to...
Nelson: For years.
Miguel: Yeah.
Nelson: This is awesome.

Noizze: Wow, you must be very proud then?

Nelson: Yeah.
Miguel: Yeah.

Noizze: That actually feeds into my next question actually, what your biggest achievement is?

Nelson: (points here and laughs)
Miguel: This is one of the..
Nelson: one of the biggest achievements.
Miguel: apart from writing and releasing the EP was, of course one of our biggest achievements.
Nelson: Yeah.
Miguel: And seeing it being shared by people we take as references.
Nelson: Exactly.
Miguel: Rings of Saturn sharing our, our first video man. I couldn't believe it. It's kind of a big thing.
Nelson: Yeah, especially when you're not expecting that.
Miguel: Yeah.

Noizze: Cool, well going back to something that we almost picked upon earlier. I wanted to ask you about upcoming bands. In terms of the smallest bands that you've seen, that are starting to try and make it, who would you say is one of the best acts out there?

Miguel: Well, we should reference them. In portugal we have a band called Borderlands, 
they are our friends. You should definitely check them out.
Nelson: Yeah.
Miguel: Uhhh here in the UK... uhh..

Noizze: Yeah, I understand it's probably harder to say from here. Is there a big scene in Portugal then?
Miguel: Ummm... not that big but..
Nelson: It's getting bigger.
Miguel: Yeah.
Nuno: Yeah, there's a big step up.
Nelson: Yeah, big step up and Borderlands is one of the examples. They started a couple of years ago and took it not quite seriously but now they're doing all they can to...
Nuno: Yeah.
Nelson: To grow.
Miguel: Resurrection fest.
Nelson: Yeah they're playing Resurrection fest. So yeah definitely check them out man.

Noizze: Cool man. Um similar ish kind of question what advice would you give to a band that's just trying to make it?

Miguel: Well um we actually managed to create a good network. It's... You need to have a good network. You need to write good music and you need to record it properly and uhh you need to take care of your artwork and get off your video. Everything. You...
Nuno: You need to practice a lot!
Miguel: Yeah it should be thought carefully but then um if you don't do the rest that's not enough, you know? You need to connect with people. You need too... I mean we've been talking to guys like out of... I don't know... many of the bands that are here. We've been talking to them for like a year now and honestly that's what got us here. Um you need to.
Nelson: Companionship.
Miguel: You need to be nice to other bands so other bands will be nice to you.
Nelson: Help, help each other out basically.
Miguel: Yeah.
Nelson: Everything you have to do everything like it's not enough. It's never enough.
Miguel: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nelson: You push yourself to the limit of what you can do and um do things that people are not expecting. That's the objective.
Miguel: And we're still starting out so.
Nelson: Yeah.
Nuno: I also think that um it's very hard to do something completely new. In terms of attitude or song writing. You should bring your own references, grab them all and mix them up.
Nelson: Do your own stuff basically.
Nuno: Stuff that.
Miguel: That's kinda the.
Nuno: Create your own energy, paying attention to the scene, the global scene.
Nelson: Basically we worked hard following dreams.

Noizze: Yeah, final question then. Basically something that's completely out there and random. What's your favourite book?
Nelson: Well uhh got to be The Voynich Code.

Noizze: Oh yeah.

Nelson: Yeah
Noizze: Well, thank you very much guys it's been a pleasure. Hope you enjoy the rest of the festival.

Nelson: Thank you.
Miguel: Thanks you too.

Nuno: Yeah, thank you, you too.

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