Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Gavin Talks to No Consequence at TECH-FEST

Back at TECH-FEST we were fortunate to grab a moment with No Consequence!

Noizze: Thanks for this opportunity. I'm from Noizze and I'm here with No Consequence. So first of all how are you finding the festival?

Kaan Tasan: Yeah, lovin' it.
Colin Bentham: Great.
Kaan: Can't complain. Weather's been a bit pooh this morning but apart from that it's been beautiful. Sunny as fuck and uhh yeah can't complain.

Noizze: Brilliant, who have you most enjoyed watching or who are you most looking forward to?

Kaan: We kinda, we missed yesterday. Due to a kind of emergency. Um but Friday um our good friends Carcer City.
Colin: Yeah.
Kaan: Absolutely smashing. Love their set. Such a sick band. They're probably high on my list. Sithu Aye were good. Uh Plini... Who was on the other day? Hacktivist. 
Colin: We're looking forward to Decapitated.
Kaan: Yeah! Decapitated! I'm gutted I missed Agent Fresco yesterday. Um but yeah they're on with an Acoustic Set.

Noizze: Cool. How would you actually describe yourself to a newcomer?

Kaan: Umm....
Colin: Queer.
(All Laugh)
Colin: Sorry.
Kaan: I'd say...

Noizze: I'd love it if you guys go on stage and that's the first thing you say. Nothing just 'We're queer'.

Kaan: Yeah we're queer. Goodnight.
Kaan: Nah, I don't know I'd say it's quite um aggressive...
Colin: Techy, groovey... Melodic.
Kaan: Melodic. But then also having like a bit of a... bit of a political edge. When it comes to like. It does have like a soul meaning behind the song. Rather than it just being I hate my mum or I hate my dad.
Colin: I hate my conscience.
Kaan: Yeah.
(all laugh)

Noizze: Excellent, also as I understand it you're Guildford (UK) based?

Both: Yeah.

Noizze: How would you describe the metal scene, back in Guildford?

Colin: Non-existent.
Kaan: Odd.

Noizze: Non-existent?

Colin: Yeah.
Kaan: Yeah, it's-
Colin: This is something. It's getting better.
Kaan: It's good. It is good. But like because it's a University town like, the changeover of people like. You know you can have one gig that's like really, really good then it'd be like...
Colin: It's a bit...
Kaan: Hard days or something like I don't know...
Colin: It's a bit over varied to be honest because of the ACM.
Colin: All of us met through. But like there's so many bands at the moment. There's not really a specific genre of music. 

Noizze: Fair enough.

Colin: Um yeah some of the gigs are really good. It's ….It's getting there.

Noizze: How would you describe the scene throughout the UK?

Kaan: UK in general?

Noizze: Yeah.

Kaan: Thriving man. I think it's churning out the most original bands out there. It's like the US seems to be stuck in this circle of like, just like the same sounding bands. I think the UK is definitely giving it a bit more of a breath of fresh air to it. Y'know there's like bands that are a bit more free thinking than the just like.
Colin: Stick to the norm.
Kaan: Yeah.

Noizze: Got any favourites?

Kaan: Anything from Tesseract, Heart of a Coward to.
Colin: Karnivool. Like them. We're still talking about his band.
Kaan: Bleed from Within are another band.
Colin: Carcer City.
Kaan: Yeah, Carcer City. There's so many that yeah.

Noizze: Ok, well what was the first band that you saw live?

Kaan: Fun Loving Criminals.
Colin: Feeder. Yeah I uh yeah. My friend got uh passed out. Because there was this crowd surfer landed armpit into her face. She passed out. Um and pissed herself.
(all laugh)
Colin: It was a good gig!

Noizze: Fantastic (laughs)

Kaan: Really?
Colin: Yeah man.

Noizze: Who is the band that you'd most like to play with?

Kaan: ...Um...
Colin: ….Karnivool.
Kaan: I'd like to play with Karnivool but i'd be so scared.
Colin: Yeah. I'd love to play with like Skinny Puppy but it wouldn't... Obviously it wouldn't mesh at all.
Kaan: Yeah, totally.
Colin: It'd sound incredible.

Noizze: Cool. What would you say your biggest achievement is so far?

Kaan: ….not dying.
Colin: Yeah! (laughs) Yeah not dying in a mess somewhere.
Kaan: Yeah, definitely.
Colin: Other than like. Any, any of these festivals. Tech-Fest is awesome. Any of these festivals, it's wonderful to see it like explode with like how many people come this year. Um Euroblast was always great as well.
Kaan: Yeah. I think to just like get to the stage we're at now. We're actually touring.
Colin: Yeah.
Kaan: That there's enough interest in us to be able to tour. We've toured like europe and stuff like that and to be able to go out to some place y'know thousands of miles away from your home and people still know you and having a good time. It's like. That's probably the biggest achievement. Personally.

Noizze: Excellent, well again picking on the local scene. What would you say are your favourite bands up and coming?

Kaan: Up and coming?

Noizze: Yeah.

Kaan: Not already there.... I'm such a... Well Heart of a Coward. And we just listened to Carcer City.
Colin: Yeah.
Kaan: Press Tomico. Bad Sign. Um....
Colin: Nice to see the Agent Fresco guys.
Kaan: Yeah, you mean UK or just local bands?

Noizze: Thinking just local.

Kaan: Yeah, yeah. So local, Agent Fresco?
Colin: Oh, Agent Fresco. (laughs)
Kaan: Um yeah I mean they're good and there's just so many bands we've played with and it's good to see that they're getting the attention.

Noizze: Fantastic, do you have any advice that you'd give to bands that are just starting out?

Colin: Just uhh just give it everything you've got. It's a long process to get to a place where the gigs starts getting momentum. And don't get down if you don't reach as many people because it's just a constant like scoping for people. Yeah just keep smashing it.
Kaan: Yeah if it happens over night you've done something wrong.
Colin: Yeah (laughs).
Kaan: Takes time for sure.

Noizze: Fantastic, okay, last question then, we like to be a little bit random.

Colin: Yeah.

Noizze: So how do you take your tea?

Colin: How do we take our tea?

Noizze: Yeah.

Colin: Uhh
Kaan: Strong and white (laughs)
Colin: Like our men
Kaan: Yeah.
(all laugh)
Kaan: Yeah strong and white.
Colin: Orally. ...Does that work?

Noizze: Yeah that works.

(all laugh)
Kaan: Sweet. (laugh)
Colin: (laugh)

Noizze: Well thank you guys it's been an absolute pleasure.

Kaan: Thanks a lot man.
Colin: Thank you.

Noizze: Enjoy the gig.

Kaan: Yeah, you too.

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