Sunday, 29 November 2015

Fresh: 'These Things Are Not That Fun' EP Review

Fresh are a pretty cool acoustic/punk/rock infusion and they are decent at it too. The London four piece are under our scope with their newest EP 'These Things Are Not That Fun'.

'The Woods' is a very endearing an intimate track. At its basis a very simple four chord acoustic though the sweet and petite vocals laid over the top make for a really captivating three minutes. Kathryn Woods (Vocals) has a stunning voice that packs in her emotive passion along with a good idea of her character. The opening moments of the song portray a moment in the studio where she has messed up a takes and laughs her way into another take. It really works! I myself always bang on about production and quality of music but this is music from the heart and I am wholly invested in that from the outset. It may seem an odd opener for an EP that is generally more upbeat but I like it and it made me want to hear more.

'Passing' kicks in much like Springsteen meets No Doubt. The upbeat punk rock screacher is great, my only criticism is that it is too short. Saying that, it does lead directly into 'On Edge' which for me starts out a little rocky. Vocals sound a little shaky and flat and even when the song builds slightly there isn't enough of a chorus to lift the song to the level they have shown so far. In addition I can't help but draw comparison to Florence and the Machine in terms of structure.

'House Phone' puts me at ease as I again have that instant feeling I originally got when I listened to the EP. 'Cinema Woes' is another acoustic that builds into a very folk/punk banger. It almost sounds like an Irish Folk cover of someone like Flogging Molly or The Pogues. Being picky I can only again be disappointed in the length of the song and the fact that the guitar playing doesn't seem to always fit the song, it seems out of time and rushed a little. The cover of 'Derailed' by Joyce Manor is a nice touch too though it does paint the vocalist in a more aggressive style rather than that sweet voice you hear at the beginning of the EP. Cool cover though.

The EP is very very good and I can see how this small band could be easily overlooked but I strongly advise taking a listen to this extremely pleasant and talented group! If on their next EP they take into account the little details and work on focusing on their strengths then they could produce something very special. Well done guys, your on my watch list.

Pick up the EP for free HERE.

Facebook: /freshbanduk
Twitter: @freshpunks

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