Sunday, 22 November 2015

Floreat: 'The Limelight' Single Review

Floreat are a self-confessed alternative/post-hardcore band from Maidstone. The band are releasing their debut single 'The Limelight' on November 27th which will be followed by an EP called 'The Outsider' on February 26th, 2016. So let's check it out:

Let me first pick up on the genre, this is not post-hardcore nor is it hardcore in any form. The song is very light rock. Unfortunately the mix is poor. The vocals sound under-produced and very echoey. The song itself follows a similar structure to a Blink 182's 'All The Small Things' and even sound similar at points.

Despite my critical overview of the song I will never suggest a band is totally 100% awful and by a long shot Floreat aren't. They are new and fresh faced and they're music, given the proper showcasing, would most likely flourish.

Facebook: /floreatband
Twitter: @floreatband

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