Sunday, 29 November 2015

Even In Arcadia: 'Blue Prints' EP Review

Alternative rockers Even In Arcadia have released their three track EP 'Blue Prints'. The band combine powerful female vocals with hard rocking rhythms. Let's see what the EP offers:

'Electric Thumb' brings funky guitar and bass tones and matches that with a slightly haunting/off-key vocal that sits comfortably in the track. Imagine the Nightwish vocalist singing in a jazz cafe and that somewhat explains it. 'City In The Dark' holds a similar feeling to the previous track though I do find myself drifting away in attention at times. It can feel a little predictable at times. Saying the the sliding chords at times lift the song add some interest.

Final track 'Weave a Web' is an acoustic track to round off the EP. Similar in style to both tracks preceding though with only an acoustic guitar it doesn't quite feel enough to again sustain the listeners attention. I took it upon myself to listen to the full version of 'Weave A Web' in a previous EP there doesn't seem to be much change or progression either.

The band have talent, their combination of chilling vocals and solid rhythm sections they have the potential to create something very successful though have not fully showcased it here.

Facebook: /weareeveninarcadia
Twitter: @xeveninarcadiax

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