Thursday, 12 November 2015

Cute Cute Death: 'Vessels' Single Review

Cute Cute Death are a London based Post-Hardcore outfit that are working hard to bring new, well thought out music to the scene that isn't just simply thrown together. In their own words on the new track 'Vessels': "It talks about life and the obstacles that make us feel like slaves in our own lives... it talks about life in a way that takes a step back and observes in third person." Let's check it out.

As an opening observation it is a weird contrast to see and hear the professionalism and production of the band but seeing a mere 197 views on the video, that just sucks!

The song is solid and I am sure the lack of views may be due to reasons other than simply being rubbish because they aren't. However I do find that the song feels somewhat lacking in character. I feel like I have heard it before and that it is a slightly heavier feeling Young Guns which is works as both a positive and a negative.

Overall the song is good and the band are obviously talented and hold themselves professionally but to progress they need to bring a spark to further themselves.

FFO: Mallory Knox, Young Guns, Lower Than Atlantis

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