Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Cannery Row: 'The Hivemind' EP Review

The most humble gentlemen over in Cannery Row have released the 'The Hivemind' EP. Let's check it out!

Okay the mixing/mastering isn't the best and yes it does take away slightly from the music as the tinny sound rings through my headphones at times but one cannot simply be put off by these things. Straight off the bat 'They Won't Drag Me Down' is a sweet little number that sounds feels like the bands version of 'A Thousand Trees' by Stereophonics with it's quaint lyrical charm. The roaring guitars in 'Take Your Heart' provide a highlight and I'm sure that the lead sections are pulled off amazingly live. Other tracks range in rhythm and pace and manage to hold my attention until the end.

A completely enjoyable EP that is a nice little headbanger. It's not ground-breaking or innovative but it's personal for the band and I love that!

You can listen to 'The Hivemind' EP right HERE and you can even purchase it for the fantastically reasonable price of £3 too!

FFO: Stereophonics, AC/DC, Solid Rock.

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