Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Astral Void: 'Blood From A Stone' EP Review

Astral Void are a four piece Rock band from Norwich. The band have signed with Holier Than Thou Records and have been making a nice little dent on the rock scene. I was quite misled in hearing how light they sound, with a name like Astral Void you expect some really heavy and dark deathcore to blare through your ears but it's lightness was pleasant!

'B.F.F' provides some real flare and enthusiasm with your typical well placed guitar solo and a general rock n' roll feel from start to finish. The contrast of raspy vocals go nicely with riffs you can bob your head to. 'Pain' strikes a similar chord and provides an AC/DC level of rock (Big and heavy but not overly distorted). The screams do not match the song at all. In the previous track they got away with it and in this song the chorus is endurable but the harsh screams are dreadfully placed.

'Bleed' recovers well considering the last song, it suits the band better with the harsh/rough singing being used rather than any harsh screams. The song itself sounds like it could be placed on a 90's nu-metal album with not the best singing but that just adds to it somehow. Think Saliva, Staind etc. This is easily the best track on the EP with some real emotion packed in. If this was a focus in later records I think the bands sound would improve dramatically. Check it out below:

'Dust' is another solid song but doesn't really show anything ground-breaking. I can't decide whether it's heavy-ish Foo Fighters or light as hell hard rock but either way this song comes up short. Title track 'Blood From A Stone' rounds off the EP but does at times feel samey. The tempo barely picks up and the solo should have been louder. 

Astral Void's sound is well defined but I just feel like I've heard it before. The EP hits it's peak with 'Bleed' when the band take their time through a song with clean guitars and vocals. Unfortunately I just feel like the band don't quite incorporate the heaviness they feel they do nor do they grasp the melodic aspect very well either. The song is a little washed out  and could do with some punchy-ness. Don't get me wrong the band could quite easily come out with a banger of an EP and through their sound you can hear that but with this they simply haven't.

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