Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Altered Sky: 'Without Wonderland' Album Review

Altered Sky are fast becoming a band to be reckoned with. Their fan base is growing, their stage presence is energetic and they are about to release their debut album ‘Without Wonderland’. It’s very clear to see that Altered Sky will stop at nothing to achieve the success they deserve.

It’s very easy to brand Altered Sky as the next Tonight Alive or We Are The In Crowd, but Altered Sky are well and truly giving these bands a run for their money.

‘Without Wonderland’ is a sure fire hit, with heavy riffs and drum beats flying on all cylinders, not to mention the stunning vocals by Ana Nowosielska who shows such amazing vocal range that transforms her from a heavy rocker to delicate singer in songs such as ‘This War is Mine’ and ‘Imagine Adventure’. The haunting intro for ‘Stupid in the Dark’ sends shivers down my spine with the soft vocal and delicate piano. ‘Apple Tree’ has been remastered beautifully for their debut album; this just shows how far they have come since releasing it for their debut video back in 2011. ‘Bury It all’ and ‘Waves’ the two lead tracks from ‘Without Wonderland’ both start off slow and build up into a pop rock goodness leaving me wanting more. As the final track ‘White Witch’ hits I’m left in no doubt that these guys are here to stay and can only get better.

This is only Altered Sky’s debut, could you imagine what they can do in a few years? Well I’m looking forward to it!

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Twitter: @AlteredSky

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