Saturday, 31 October 2015

Megalomatic: 'What An Uncomfortable Sentence' Single Review

I like my intros but this time i'm just gonna tell you that Megalomatic's new single 'What An Uncomfortable Sentence' is good, cause you know what, it's good, and you need to know this!

Fan of Mastodon? Try Megalomatic! Their latest single 'What An Uncomfortable Sentence' is a clearly progressive piece of song writing that is actually uncomfortable to listen to. This however only adds to the charm.

The only I have is that they need to spend more time working on the production. I can hear a great and well written song underneath but the makeup they've applied detracts from that, like those bimbos on Geordie Shore (+1 for Banter). Vocals could be blended better and the cool guitar riffs could do with sticking out a bit more. I understand that this is a genre of music where these things are often done on purpose to create that uncomfortable feeling that they have achieved well, but there is a difference between that and bad production.

Overall a great single showcasing a band with a great future that i will be keeping my eye on! LOVE IT.

Listen to the single HERE.

Facebook: /ThemeGalomatic
Twitter: @MegalomaticBand

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