Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Twitching Tongues - 'Disharmony' Review

LA based metal band, and recent signings to Metal Blade Records, Twitching Tongues are set to release their third full length 'Disharmony' on the 30th October. 

Somehow Twitching Tongues have managed to fly under my radar until now so I'm not entirely sure if the recent addition to the band, ex-Hatebreed guitarist F. Sean Martin can be attributed to the huge, hardcore style riffs on this beast of an album but he and Taylor Young really are on top form on Disharmony. 

The album starts disharmoniously enough with a creepy piano intro for the title track before the band kick the listener in the teeth with one of the aforementioned huge riffs. From this point on, the band take the listener through quite a mixed bag of styles, changing up the pace at times but never letting up on the heavy.

The album flicks effortlessly between crushing, groove laden doom to hardcore segments and more traditional American metal, with occasional synths and piano sections, all serving to keep the album fresh and keep the listener engaged. Between the lyrics, vocal delivery and general feel of the album, you can't help but be reminded of the same angst and anger that some of the more prominent 90s (nu)metal bands like Machine Head and Slipknot brought to their music. 

Anyone who's been a fan of metal in general in the last ten/twenty years is sure to get a kick from this album and with their signing to Metal Blade, the future is surely bright for Twitching Tongues. 

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