Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Parallel. 'Embark' EP. Review

The Parallel are a canadian band recently formed in the fall of 2013 and it would appear they're ready to pack their punch with 'Embark' released on October 9th.

A strong EP from the Parallel. Playing with the idea of production values the introduction of the first few tracks make the whole EP sound like a rehearsal before hitting into the higher produced music they wish to deliver. 'Embark' is a strong opener leaving you wanting more and combining some heavy riffing with some more intricate and memorable guitar work over the top. Its a short track but does the job. 'Pendulum' is a lot more standard for the band giving you a proper taste of the blunt force trauma they wish to deliver. Their next track 'Shipwrecked' is the longest but probably comes with some of the more memorable vocals of the EP and ending with a bit of an almost hidden melody. 'Endeavours', their last track is packed like their endnote. It breaks way for something atmospheric and almost empty.

The band herald themselves as a progressive metal/hardcore outfit and there are particular moments of The Devil Wears Prada, Parkway Drive and similar. However, there is a certain amount of versatility with each song which can make them complex and interesting but can also make them almost not commit to any one riff enough for you to enjoy them. A bold effort. This four track EP clocks in at 14minutes making it quite a brief taster of their music but if you like what you hear then it definitely will invite you to check out more of their music. A rather complex effort that shows a definite talent in their willingness to go beyond the standard. This is a blessing and a curse and I can see this EP being a bit like marmite for many listeners. 

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