Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Black Dahlia Murder - 'Abysmal' Album Review

So here's a band that needs no introduction, The Black Dahlia Murder are practically a household name at this point. For the uninitiated few though, TBDM are a melodic death metal band hailing from Detroit. 'Abysmal' is their seventh full-length, following their frankly incredible 2013 release, 'Everblack'.

'Abysmal' begins with a short string section before 'Receipt' starts proper, in true TBDM style with some masterful riffing and an excellent rhythm section. The album continues in this fashion, with Trevor Strnad's trademark vocals effortlessly flicking between brutal, guttural death metal style to a higher, almost black metal style. 

Highlights include the title track, 'Threat Level No. 3' and album closer 'That Cannot Die Which Eternally Is Dead', which starts with another short string section before moving forward with a feel reminiscent of 'In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me' from 'Everblack'. 

Any comments on the production value and the musicianship of the band could apply to any of their previous full-lenght albums, that is to say both are superb. Although this album is unlikely to convert people previously unenthused by the band, fans will lap it up as it is an excellent addition to their already stellar back catalogue. The Black Dahlia Murder have found their sound and stuck with it and this is certainly no bad thing, especially in this case. 

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