Monday, 19 October 2015

Speaking In Shadows: 'The Anchor' EP Review

Alternative Rockers Speaking In Shadows are set to release their new EP 'The Anchor' on Monday 19th October. Renowned on the local circuit for their high energy and vocal range, how does their new EP slot into these expectations? 

Opening track 'Capsize' is also the band's first taste of material from the EP as it is their first single, and it isn't hard to wonder why. Soaring vocals swoop in amongst hard-hitting drums and roaring hard-rock/hardcore guitars. The chorus is catchy and the band's sound is displayed well. Also, fair play the video is corny as hell but it definitely fits the theme! Check it out below...

'Scatter' actually feels like more of a whole track for me. It is a more mature sound and considering the band have been together for quite a while this seems like the sort of sound they should be aiming for rather than hitting cliches that have been explored before in both their own music and other bands music. Personally it took the EP from okay to good in an instant.

'Figure Of Eighty' demonstrates yet another great vocal performance but is that always enough? The song sort of feels a bit slow. After the intensity and prowess that 'Scatter' held this just feels a bit stagnant. The song soars at times but not enough. 'Bite' and 'And Grit' are definitely more like it. The gates open and both tracks come out swinging from the beginning. Both songs easily sit on the side of the fence with the better, more mature side to the band. Another Alt Rock band seeing success with this sort of music are I Divide and this definitely strikes a similar chord to that with similar style vocals.

Lastly 'Easy For You' is a decent all-rounder. It definitely has all of the aspects that makes the newer sound so likable but at times reverts back to some of the more pop-punky styles seen in the bands earlier music. The punk style breakdowns and general rock feel are really cool though.

The EP is a little hit and miss. It feels like a transitional battle for the band in holding onto their older sound and moving forward to create a more mature and quite frankly better sound. There are some bangers on here, and don't get me wrong, every song is catchy but you just sometimes feel like you may have heard it before. If the band take their newer sound and push onwards with that they will definitely succeed in keeping themselves current and fresh.

FFO: You Me At Six, I Divide, Really really mild Killswitch Engage at times (Riffs init).

Facebook: /speakinginshadows
Twitter: @officialSIS

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